Monday, November 1, 2010

Jimboy Salazar

( imboy Salazar, the unfamous and trying-hard singer ex-boyfriend of Mahal, had finally came out of the closet!

In his interview with "The Buzz", Jimboy Salazar had finally addressed a speculation that has hounded him during the duration of his relationship with Mahal. Going back, he snatched the limelight when they announced their romance 9 years ago. Some doubted it... saying he was just using her to boost the record sales of his album titled "Dreamboy". In 2003, after 2 years of being together, the couple separated. Since then, all projects, shows and tv appearances became elusive.

Now, after 7 years of silence, he finally came up with a gimmick way to reach his dream of becoming a star. Let's just hope that it would be like Rustom Padilla's transformation to BB Gandanghari which had really created a huge buzz. Or else, Jimboy Jimgirl will just be a thing of the past... a controversial man behind Mahal's shadow. )

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