Saturday, March 28, 2009

Solutions for SAP Enterprise Portal

iWay Software's family of products for SAP NetWeaver includes support for SAP Enterprise Portal. iWay's Universal Adapter Suite provides access to over 300 packaged applications, relational and nonrelational databases, and B2B interactions on dozens of platforms and integrates them within SAP Enterprise Portal.

iWay's Universal Adapter Suite enables SAP Enterprise Portal to unlock key information and applications across the enterprise, to get a single view of your integration efforts. SAP Enterprise Portal leverages iWay's wide spectrum of adapters to provide a single point of access that connects to enterprise information assets and popular B2B exchange scenarios all without leaving the portal. The result is a unified, personalized, and secure Web-based user interface that reduces training costs and IT overhead.

The iWay solution:

  • Requires virtually no custom integration code to access over 300 packaged applications, data sources, middleware technologies, and e-business formats and protocols
  • Uses standard SAP, Java™, and XML skill sets to tap into virtually any information system or business process
  • Improves development timeframes by reducing the number of interfaces that programmers need to know
  • Lowers cost of SAP integration by masking the complexity of applications and legacy systems
About SAP Enterprise Portal

SAP Enterprise Portal allows you to quickly and effectively integrate SAP solutions, third-party applications, legacy systems, databases, unstructured documents, internal and external Web content, and collaboration tools. It uses open standards, Web services, and tight integration with other SAP NetWeaver components to support heterogeneous systems from all major technology providers. And it comes with built-in support of Java™, Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE), and Microsoft .NET technology.

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