Sunday, March 29, 2009


The SAP NetWeaver Mobile component is the technical foundation for enterprise mobility within SAP NetWeaver. With SAP NetWeaver Mobile, your business can mobilize quickly, taking advantage of existing IT infrastructure and extending your tried-and-true business processes within and beyond enterprise boundaries.

SAP NetWeaver Mobile comprises three mobile client technologies to enable standardized mobile business solutions as well as customer-specific developments. These clients are optimized for specific user roles and target devices.

  • Mobile Java client – Optimized for personal digital assisted (PDA) or handheld devices that display occasionally connected applications, such as mobile asset management
  • Mobile .NET client – Designed for Microsoft Windows-based devices that display occasionally connected CRM field applications with a rich function set
  • Mobile browser client – Designed for mobile devices that are always connected to a Web server using a technology such as WAP, wireless LAN, Bluetooth, and GPRS

As an integrated component of SAP NetWeaver, SAP NetWeaver Mobile leverages the overall platform benefits. Features and functions include:

  • Mobile business in both connected and disconnected modes – Because SAP NetWeaver Mobile provides a local run-time environment, employees can perform their jobs whether disconnected or connected to the systems at their main office.
  • Synchronization – With solutions powered by SAP NetWeaver Mobile, employees can store data offline on their mobile device and then synchronize information on back-end systems as needed.
  • Development of mobile solutions – SAP NetWeaver Mobile provides a mobile development kit that helps developers build and customize mobile solutions that are tightly integrated with the back-end system.
  • Central administration and deployment – SAP NetWeaver Mobile provides a console that enables system administrators to centrally manage mobile solutions and infrastructure. 

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