Saturday, October 18, 2008

Jack's Preschool Number Lapbook

Jack and I made a lapbook together today, all about numbers, we made this packet of crayons with numbers, colours, dots to match up with the numbers and the numbers in word form to match with the numeral. They all get kept in tne little crayon packet.

We used Jack's hands to add to the fron t page and so he could see how we count his fingers. He thought it was funny to draw around his fingers and cut them out, he asked me not to chop his fingers off, lol

We also added number stickers to the front as he loves sticking stickers onto things.

On the back we put this numbers in bloom game of matching the dots on the petals to the coresponding numberes petal. He loves playing it.
Here is Jack playing his game, matching them all up.

Sites used are as follows;
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